Renewable Energy

Project financing in the renewable energy sector is a specialized financial instrument that depends solely on the anticipated cash flows of the project to repay borrowed sums. This financial structure offers limited or non-recourse loans to shareholders, providing a layer of financial protection. It is secured exclusively against project assets and generated revenues.

Given its inherent characteristics, project financing emerges as the perfect fit for tangible, fixed, and capital-intensive renewable energy projects. Such ventures demand significant upfront investment, with the expectation of returns being realized over an extended timeline.

In the complex landscape of renewable energy financing, our expertise stands out. Whether you’re initiating a solar farm, a wind power project, or an innovative biomass facility, our bespoke financial solutions are designed to match your project’s lifecycle. Our comprehensive understanding of the renewable sector, coupled with a robust financial acumen, positions us to optimally align your financing structure with your project’s potential, facilitating a sustainable future.

Our Energy Project Finance services extend across the following areas:

Renewable Energy:

• Wind

• Solar

• Geothermal

• Hydropower

• Biomass

• Tidal

Fossil Energy:

• Coal

• Oil

• Natural gas

Given the substantial capital required for a broad transition toward an energy economy, increased participation from financial institutions and investors is essential. Likewise, the continued adoption of innovative financing techniques is critical.

Non-recourse debt financing of projects possesses characteristics that render it resilient to investment for commercial banks. However, it is not immune to credit risk. Traditionally, commercial banks focus on the lower end of the risk spectrum, lending only to established technologies with a proven operational track record.

In contrast, private equity firms and venture capitalists dedicate their resources to new investments with high return prospects, embracing a significant risk of failure, which they seek to mitigate through a diversified portfolio approach.

For a detailed discussion on your financing options, please feel encouraged to contact us directly.

Note: Our focus is solely on energy projects with a minimum threshold of 15 kWh.